On 6 May 2015, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) announced to support ten wind power projects with 773.2 million real (USD 251 million). The total investment amounts to 1.2 billion real (USD 390 million). The financing for these farms entails the condition to source part of the construction inputs from Brazil.



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BNDES, 6 May 2015, 'BNDES aprova R$ 773,2 milh?es para constru??o de 10 parques e?licos no Nordeste', press release:

BNDES, methodology for financing of wind turbines 'anexo 1 - etapas f?sicas e conte?do local que dever?o ser cumpridos pelo fabricante':

Inception date: 06 May 2015 | Removal date: 04 Jan 2016
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State loan

The BNDES loans are dedicated to two projects. First, 621.2 million real (USD 202 million) are reserved for seven wind parks by Ventos de Săo Tito Holding S.A. in the municipality Simőes in the state of Piauí. The credit also includes the financing of electric transmissions systems as well as social projects. The wind parks are scheduled to be operational by the second half of 2015 and going to consist of 105 wind turbines provided by the Spanish producer Gamesa. Second, 152 million real (USD 49 million) are allocated to three wind parks in Caetité in the state of Bahia. The grant is also going to finance 32 wind turbines produced by General Eletric as well as electric transmissions systems and social projects. The wind farms represent Special Purpose Entities controlled by Grupo Rio Energy.