February 28th, 2017 - The provincial government in China's Anhui province released various subsidy standards available to certain firms in the region.



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Anhui Provincial Government, February 28th, 2017. (皖经信装备〔2017〕83号 关于印发安徽省智能制造工程实施方案(2017-2020年)的通知)

Inception date: 28 Feb 2017 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2020
Still in force

Financial grant

In February 2017, the official voice of the provincial authorities in China's Anhui Province released Wanjingxin Zhuangbei 2017/83, a document detailing its 'implementation plan' for the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's 2016-2020 'Smart Manufacturing' plan (see related measure).

In the document, two planned investment strands into the industry are revealed:

  • For the upgrade of 'traditional' manufacturing processes (e.g. raw materials, consumer goods, heavy equipment), 200 projects planned with investment of USD 10.2bn (CNY 70bn);
  • For projects which focus on integrating 'advanced' manufacturing technologies horizontally or vertically specifically (as opposed to individual manufacturing firms), planned investments in 700 projects totalling USD 24.7bn (CNY 170bn).

As with all other parts of the plan, only Chinese firms are eligible for financial support. The document does, however, call for more internation cooperation between Chinese and foreign firms, indicating that firms with connections abroad may be targeted more by the measures.

The provincial plan is part of a national framework to increase the technological standard of manufacturing in the PRC, in order to achieve the aim of the all-encompassing Made in China 2025 plan of becoming the number one manufacturer in the world, in terms of both quality and quantity.