The Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade published new regulations on the automatic licensing regime via Circular No. 24/2010/TT-BCT. Circular No. 24 replaces an earlier Circular 17/2008/TT-BCT of December 2008 by expanding the scope of goods covered under this licensing regime. The current Ciruclar has been suspended since 26 September 2012.



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Inception date: 10 Jul 2010 | Removal date: 26 Sep 2012

Import licensing requirement

The Circular on automatic licensing requires importers to apply for licenses for imports of every lot of goods listed in the Circular. The importer is required to submit a dossier to the Ministry with the import and business details, 7 days after which the Ministry will issue an import license. After receipt of the license the import has to be completed within 30 days. 

The current guidelines for the automatic licensing have been amended marginally to include the details regarding re-grant, modification and revocation of such import licenses. Apart from this addition, major changes have been made to the list of goods to which the licensing requirement will apply. Agricultural & animal food products, toys, textiles articles under HS chapter 61-63, footwear of chapter 64, and certain ceramic products under chapter 69, which were not included in the earlier Circular have been brought under the purview now.

The licensing requirement does not apply to goods imported when they are -

  • Imported for re-export or are temporarily exported for re-import; transferred from/to border gate or transited
  • Imported through non-commercial channels
  • Imported for direct use in production and processing (including for assembly, repairs or warranty)
  • Imported from abroad into non-tariff zones; goods produced, processed or assembled in non-tariff zones that are imported into the inland
  • Imported for sale at duty-free shops
  • Imported for the formation of fixed assets of investment projects under the Investment Law.

 The applicability of this requirement has been temporarily suspended since 26 September 2012.