Simon J. Evenett | 15 Feb 2010

After the tumult of the first half of 2009 many economies stabilised and some even began to recover in the last quarter of 2009. Using information compiled through to late January 2010, this the fourth report of the Global Trade Alert examines whether macroeconomic stabilisation has altered governments resort to protectionism.

Has economic recovery advanced enough so that national policymakers now feel little or no pressure to restrict international commerce? Or is the recovery so nascent that governments continue to discriminate against foreign commercial interests, much as they did during the darker days of 2009? The answers to these questions will determine what contribution exports and the world trading system are likely to play in fostering growth during 2010.
The contents of this Report will be of interest to trade policymakers and other government officials and to commercial associations, non-governmental organisations, and analysts following developments in world trading system.

Release date: 15 February 2010