Simon J. Evenett | 22 Jul 2013

The global economic crisis that began to unfold in 2007 hit Latin America hard, slowing down economic growth considerably. The 13th Report from Global Trade Alert shows that Latin America has not just been a victim of protectionism imposed by other parts of the world, as some policymakers and commentators assert.

Drawing upon the most extensive contemporary data set on crisis-era policy responses, the Global Trade Alert, this volume shows that many Latin American governments – in particular, Argentina and Brazil – have taken numerous, occasionally creative steps to tilt the playing field in favour of domestic firms.

This volume documents those steps and discusses their rationale and whether these changes presage a marked shift in Latin American development strategy. As such, it will be of interest to policymakers, officials in national governments and international institutions, university researchers and trade policy analysts, and those interested in Latin American development.

Release date: 22 July 2013