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Inception date: 05 Jul 2017 | Removal date: open ended
Still in force

Import licensing requirement

On July 4, 2016, the Secretariat of Commerce of Argentina issued Resolution 172/2016 updating the list of products that require non-automatic import licensing. The new legislation has included 40 tariff lines in the list of products requiring non-automatic import licensing (NCM 3917.40.90, 3920.20.90,3920.30.00, 3925.10.00, 4009.22.90, 4010.12.00, 4012.90.90, 4820.30.00, 6910.10.00, 6910.90.00, 7214.10.10, 7214.10.90, 7214.99.10, 7228.40.00,7308.40.00, 7604.10.21, 7607.11.90, 8307.90.00, 8409.10.00, 8409.99.14, 8412.21.90, 8419.50.10, 8422.30.21, 8427.20.90, 8428.32.00, 8430.39.90, 8433.11.00, 8483.50.10, 8516.10.00, 8518.22.00, 8519.81.10, 8523.80.00, 7604.10.29, 7604.21.00, 7604.29.19, 7604.29.20, 8714.10.00, 9206.00.00, 9209.30.00 and 9405.40.90)




327 Registers, notebooks, diaries & similar articles
4820 Registers, account books, note books, order books, receipt books, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries and similar articles, exercise books, blottingpads, binders (looseleaf or other), folders, file covers, manifold business forms, interleaved carbon s
482030 Binders (other than book covers), folders and file covers
361 Rubber tyres & tubes
4012 Retreaded or used pneumatic tyres of rubber; solid or cushion tyres, tyre treads and tyre flaps, of rubber.
401290 Other
362 Other rubber products
4009 Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber, with or without their fittings (for example, joints, elbows, flanges).
400922 With fittings
363 Semi-manufactures of plastics
3917 Tubes, pipes and hoses, and fittings therefor (for example, joints, elbows, flanges), of plastics.
391740 Fittings
3920 Other plates, sheets, film, foil and strip, of plastics, noncellular and not reinforced, laminated, supported or similarly combined with other materials.
392020 Of polymers of propylene
392030 Of polymers of styrene
369 Other plastics products
3925 Builders' ware of plastics, not elsewhere specified or included.
392510 Reservoirs, tanks, vats and similar containers, of a capacity exceeding 300 l
372 Non-structural ceramic ware
6910 Ceramic sinks, wash basins, wash basin pedestals, baths, bidets, water closet pans, flushing cisterns, urinals and similar sanitary fixtures.
691010 Of porcelain or china
691090 Other
383 Musical instruments
9206 Percussion musical instruments (for example, drums, xylophones, cymbals, castanets, maracas).
920600 Percussion musical instruments (for example, drums, xylophones, cymbals, castanets, maracas).
412 Products of iron or steel
7214 Other bars and rods of iron or nonalloy steel, not further worked than forged, hotrolled, hotdrawn or hotextruded, but including those twisted after rolling.
721499 Other
7228 Other bars and rods of other alloy steel; angles, shapes and sections, of other alloy steel; hollow drill bars and rods, of alloy or nonalloy steel.
722840 Other bars and rods, not further worked than forged
415 Unfinished products of copper, nickel, aluminium, lead, zinc or tin
7604 Aluminium bars, rods and profiles.
760410 Of aluminium, not alloyed
760421 Hollow profiles
760429 Other
7607 Aluminium foil (whether or not printed or backed with paper, paperboard, plastics or similar backing materials) of a thickness (excluding any backing) not exceeding 0.2 mm.
760711 Rolled but not further worked
421 Structural metal products & parts
7308 Structures (excluding prefabricated buildings of heading 94.06) and parts of structures (for example, bridges and bridgesections, lockgates, towers, lattice masts, roofs, roofing frameworks, doors and windows and their frames and thresholds for doors,
730840 Equipment for scaffolding, shuttering, propping or pitpropping
429 Other fabricated metal products
8307 Flexible tubing of base metal, with or without fittings.
830790 Of other base metal
431 Engines & turbines & parts
8409 Parts suitable for use solely or principally with the engines of heading 84.07 or 84.08.
840910 For aircraft engines
840999 Other
432 Pumps, compressors, hydraulic & pneumatic power engines; parts
8412 Other engines and motors.
841221 Linear acting (cylinders)
433 Bearings, gears, gearing & driving elements; parts
8483 Transmission shafts (including cam shafts and crank shafts) and cranks; bearing housings and plain shaft bearings; gears and gearing; ball or roller screws; gear boxes and other speed changers, including torque converters; flywheels and pulleys, including
848350 Flywheels and pulleys, including pulley blocks
435 Lifting & handling equipment & parts
8427 Forklift trucks; other works trucks fitted with lifting or handling equipment.
842720 Other selfpropelled trucks
439 Other general-purpose machinery & parts
8419 Machinery, plant or laboratory equipment, whether or not electrically heated (excluding furnaces, ovens and other equipment of heading 85.14), for the treatment of materials by a process involving a change of temperature such as heating, cooking, roasting
841950 Heat exchange units
8422 Dish washing machines; machinery for cleaning or drying bottles or other containers; machinery for filling, closing, sealing or labelling bottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers; machinery for capsuling bottles, jars, tubes and similar containers;
842230 Machinery for filling, closing, sealing, or labelling bottles, cans, boxes, bags or other containers; machinery for capsuling bottles, jars, tubes and similar containers; machinery for aerating beverages
441 Agricultural or forestry machinery & parts
8433 Harvesting or threshing machinery, including straw or fodder balers; grass or hay mowers; machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce, other than machinery of heading 84.37.
843311 Powered, with the cutting device rotating in a horizontal plane
444 Machinery for mining, quarrying & construction; parts
8430 Other moving, grading, levelling, scraping, excavating, tamping, compacting, extracting or boring machinery, for earth, minerals or ores; piledrivers and pileextractors; snowploughs and snow blowers.
843039 Other
448 Domestic appliances & parts
8516 Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters; electric space heating apparatus and soil heating apparatus; electrothermic hairdressing apparatus (for example, hair dryers, hair curlers, curling tong heaters) and hand dryers; ele
851610 Electric instantaneous or storage water heaters and immersion heaters
465 Electric filament or discharge lamps; lighting equipment; parts
9405 Lamps and lighting fittings including searchlights and spotlights and parts thereof, not elsewhere specified or included; illuminated signs, illuminated nameplates and the like, having a permanently fixed light source, and parts thereof not elsewhere spe
940540 Other electric lamps and lighting fittings
473 Broadcast recording apparatus; microphones, loudspeakers, etc.
8518 Microphones and stands therefor; loudspeakers, whether or not mounted in their enclosures; headphones and earphones, whether or not combined with a microphone, and sets consisting of a microphone and one or more loudspeakers; audio frequency electric amp
851822 Multiple loudspeakers, mounted in the same enclosure
8519 Sound recording or reproducing apparatus.
851981 Using magnetic, optical or semiconductor media
499 Other transport equipment & parts
8714 Parts and accessories of vehicles of headings 87.11 to 87.13.
871410 Of motorcycles (including mopeds)

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