FDI Recovers?

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz

30 Aug 2016

The findings of this report will be of interest not just to observers of the G20, but to those interested in the drivers of FDI flows, the growing political risks created by greater resort to beggar-thy-neighbour activity, and the record of national trade and investment policymaking of the world’s largest economies.…

Global Trade Plateaus

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz

13 Jul 2016

This report demonstrates that talk of a global trade slowdown is misplaced. Since January 2015 world trade volumes have plateaued, which is unusual as pauses in trade growth are typically associated with global recessions.…

The Tide Turns? Trade, Protectionism, and Slowing Global Growth

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz

12 Nov 2015

The G20’s principal task of reviving global economic growth has never been easy – it is harder now that world trade is contracting. World trade growth isn’t slowing down – the latest available monthly data compiled for this report suggests that it has been falling in volume and value terms through 2015. On average G20 exports have fallen 4.5% since world trade peaked in value in October 2014. …

BRICS Trade Strategy: Time for a Rethink

7 Jul 2015

This report draws upon the growing Global Trade Alert database of crisis-era policy choices to critically assess the trade strategies of the BRICS nations in advance of their annual summit in Russia in July 2015. The Report provides an up-to-date account of the harm done to these countries’ commercial interests as well as the resort to protectionism and market reforms undertaken by the BRICS.…

Throwing Sand In the Wheels: How Foreign Trade Distortions Slowed LDC Export-Led Growth

Simon J. Evenett & Johannes Fritz

17 Jun 2015

This new eBook argues that least developed countries were hard hit by these barriers. Drawing on Global Trade Alert data, it argues that these barriers reduced these nations’ exports by 30% during the period 2009 to 2013 – over a quarter of a trillion US dollars in total.…

The Global Trade Disorder

12 Nov 2014

Based on a 50% expansion in the coverage of the Global Trade Alert database since last year's G20 summit in St. Petersburg, this report provides the most comprehensive assessment to date of the resort to protectionism and liberalisation worldwide and by the G20 group of nations.…

Beggar-Thy-Poor-Neighbour: Crisis-Era Protectionism and Developing Countries

22 Jul 2014

This 15th Global Trade Alert examines the extent to which the integration between the economies of the Least Developed Countries and Countries from Sub-Saharan Africa was frustrated by protectionism measures taking since the onset on Great Recession.…

What Restraint? Five Years of G20 Pledges on Trade

3 Sep 2013

Drawing upon nearly 3,800 separate reports of trade-related government measures collected and published by the GTA team, this 14th Global Trade Alert report contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive assessment of adherence to the G20's "standstill" on protectionism.…

Not Just Victims: Latin America and Crisis-Era Protectionism - The 13th GTA Report

22 Jul 2013

The 13th Report from Global Trade Alert shows that Latin America has not just been a victim of protectionism imposed by other parts of the world, as some policymakers and commentators assert, but that many Latin American governments have taken also numerous, occasionally creative steps to tilt the playing field in favour of domestic firms.…

Protectionism's Quiet Return: GTA's Pre-G8 Summit Report

12 Jun 2013

In the run-up to the G8 Summit - at which the UK hosts have made combatting protectionism a priority - this 12th report from GTA summarises beggar-thy-neighbour measures taken by and affecting G8 nations during the past year. …