In October 2009, the government of Russia announced a change in private-sector financial support.



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the Government Decree # 1417-p from 2 October 2009

Inception date: 02 Oct 2009 | Removal date: open ended

Capital injection and equity stakes (including bailouts)

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a ruling (the Government Decree # 1417-p from 2 October 2009) to inject 2 billion rubles into the charter capital of «NPO Energomash named after academician V.P. Glushko».
The open joint-stock company «NPO Energomash named after academician V.P. Glushko»( is leading enterprise in the world on development of powerful liquid rocket engines for space launch-vehicles. The enterprise has history of more than 80 years, since 15 May 1929. For last years it there have been developed around 60 LPRE which were produced serially and were in operation and continue to be in operation in structure of space and military launch-vehicles. Now the basic programs of the enterprise are:
·Serial manufacturing of modernized RD-171 LPRE for first stage of "Zenit" LV («Sea Launch» and «Land Launch» programs)
·Serial manufacturing of RD-180 LPRE for the first stage of US "Atlas 5" LV of ULA
·Development of RD-191 LPRE for the first stages of family of new Russian "Angara" LV
·Modernization and supervision of serial manufacturing of family of RD-107 and RD-108 (14D22 and 14D21) LPRE for first and second stages of "Souyz" LV in Samara
·Modernization and supervision of serial manufacturing of family of RD-253 (14D14, 14D14M) LPRE for first stage of "Proton" LV in Perm
·Modernization and supervision of RD-120 LPRE for second stage of "Zenit" LV («Sea Launch» and «Land Launch» programs)
The enterprise conducts the following research:
·Research of the concept of reusable LPRE
·Research of concept of LPRE with the closed contour of a drive of the turbine
·Design works on engines for a spacecraft with use of energy of the Sun
·Increase of reliability of LPRE
·Researches in the field of use of liquified natural gas (methane) as fuel in LPRE
·The project of three-propellant two-mode LPRE (oxygen-kerosene-hydrogen)
·Researches of the intense-deformed conditions of units and aggregates of LPRE

The industry is one of the strategic for the development until the year 2020 according to the "Long term concept of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2020" (Government Decree from 17 November 2008 #1662-p). The company requires the funds to implement its financial bailout program and improve its operations.