On 9 September 2015, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) announced to support three wind power projects. The financing for these farms entails the condition to source part of the construction inputs from Brazil.



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State loan

Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) announced to support three wind power projects with 1,07 billion real (USD 260 million). These are: (1) 652,5 million real (USD 156 million) are reserved for nine wind park at the Complex of Itarem in the state of Ceará and 273 million real (USD 63 million) for four wind turbines at the Complex of Vamcruz in Cerra do Mel (state of Rio Grande do Norte). Both wind parks are financed by BNDES Project Finance line which is aligned to the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC, Programa de Aceleraçăo ao Crescimento). For the latter, please consult measure no. 5937 under Related Measures. (2) The wind parks in Santa Vitória do Palmar and Chuí (state of Rio do Grande do Sul) are going to benefit from a bridge credit of 144,9 million real (USD 35 million). The grant finances 101 equipment parts which are registered according to the New Accreditation Methodology for Wind Turbines. The methodology was launched by BNDES in December 2012 and stipulates the localization requirement rules for the acquirement of wind turbines.