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Public procurement localisation

The Ministry of Industry prepared and posted on the portal for public discussion of draft laws a draft supplement of Decree No. 719 of July 17, 2015, "On the criteria for classification of industrial products to industrial production, with no analogues in the Russian Federation."
The purpose of this state initiative is to make possible the implementation of measures to stimulate the local manufacturing of selected industrial production. 
In line with this import-substitution goal of the Russian government, the draft bill proposes three such categories of products to receive a 15% rebate in public procurement, namely: electronics products, medical devices and pharmaceutical products.
In additon, In order to facilitate the technical implementation of local preferences, the draft law proposes manufacturers of domestic microchips (integrated circuits) to be defined as legal entities, with a tax residence in the Russian Federation and 50% plus one share held by Russian beneficiaries. 
The second amendment of the draft supplement forsees it to enter into force on 1 May 2016.