In June 2010, the government of the United States of America announced a change in the local input requirements for the participation in certain public purchases.



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Inception date: 21 Jun 2010 | Removal date: 20 Dec 2011

Public procurement localisation

In a series of Federal Register notices the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced a shifting set of decisions with respect to the application of Buy-American rules to purchases of minivans.
On June 21, 2010 (Vol. 75, No. 118), the FTA stated that in response to formal requests from El Dorado National, Kansas, and Chrysler Group LLC, and informal requests from several other parties, and based on the fact that no manufacturer identified itself as willing and able to supply minivans or minivan chassis that are assembled in the United States, the FTA waived its Buy America final assembly requirement for minivans and minivan chassis. It noted then that the waiver was valid until such time as a domestic source becomes available.
In a December 3, 2012 notice (Vol. 77, No. 232), however, the FTA rescinded the waiver. It did so after confirming that the Vehicle Production Group (VPG) had started producing a substantially similar vehicle, the MV-1, in the United States; VPG had petitioned the FTA to rescind the non-availability waiver.
The most recent decision came on November 27, 2013 (Vol. 78, No. 229) in response to North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization's (NFRMPO) request for a Buy America waiver for minivans based upon non-availability. In this instance the FTA waived its Buy America final assembly requirement for NFRMPO's procurement of minivans for NFRMPO's vanpool program. This waiver is limited to a single purchase not to exceed 25 seven-passenger vehicles to take place no later than December 31, 2014.