In April 2015, the government of Malaysia initiated a new anti-dumping investigation.



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Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry,
Media Release : Initiation Of Investigation On Anti-Dumping Concerning Imports Of Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Originating In Or Exported By Chinese Taipei, French Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, The People's Republic Of China, Republic Of Finland, Republic Of Indonesia, Republic Of Korea And Socialist Republic Of Viet Nam, 28.04.2015:
Malaysian Federal Government Gazette, 28.04.2015, Notice of Initiation (AD 01/15, 24.04.2015):
Malaysian Federal Government Gazette, 26.08.2015, Notice of Extension of Time Period for Making Preliminary Determination (AD 01/15, 18.08.2015):
JWK Law Office, Negative Preliminary Determination of Anti-Dumping Duty Investigation Regarding Imports of CRS, 28.09.2015:

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On April 28th, 2015, the Malaysian authorities initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imports of cold rolled stainless steel, in coils, sheets or any other form, with thickness of not more than 6.5 mm and width of not more than 1,600 mm, from China, Chinese Taipei, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.
The products subject to investigation are classified under the following HS codes: 7219.3100, 7219.3200, 7219.3300, 7219.3400, 7219.3500, 7220.2013, 7220.2019 and 7220.2090.
The complaint was lodged on March 30th , 2015 by Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd.
On August 18th, 2015, the Malaysian authorities extended the time period to issue the preliminary findings up to September 25th, 2015.
On September 21st, 2015, the Malaysian authorities decided to terminate the investigation without imposing any anti-dumping measure according to the Indonesian law firm JWK Law Office. Reason for this decision would be the absence of injury suffered by the domestic industry.