In November 2014, the European Commission announced an altered export quota.



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Inception date: 23 Nov 2014 | Removal date: 22 Sep 2016

Export quota

 On 22 November 2014, the European Commission announced regulation 1248/2014 increasing the quantitative limit for exports of out-of-quota white sugar from 650'000 to 1'350'000 tonnes and erasing the quantitative limit for export of out-of-quota isoglucose (previously 70'000 tonnes).
The former limit applies to exports to all countries apart from the ones mentioned in article 1(2). The reasoning by the Commission for these liberalisations was that out-of-quota sugar production for the given year was heavily underestimated and "that the WTO ceiling for exports in the 2014/15 marketing year has not yet been fully used" (preamble, point 4 of the regulation).
These limits were initially set out for the marketing year 2014/15, i.e. from 1 October 2014 to 31 September 2015.
Ireland, Latvia and Slovenia were not included as implementing jurisdictions, as they were not assigned any quota neither for sugar nor for isoglucose in annex VII of regulation 1308/2013.
On 13 February 2016, the European Commission announced regulation 2016/190 regarding the sugar export limits for the marketing year 2015/16. Since the quota remained unchanged compared to last year (1'350'000 tonnes), this measure remains classified as implemented.