In July 2013, the government of Indonesia announced an alteration to its export prohibitions.



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Inception date: 06 Aug 2013 | Removal date: open ended

Import ban

 On 9 July 2013, the Indonesian parliament passed law no. 19/2013 (hereinafter: Farmer Law) on the protection and empowerment of farmers. The law included potential import prohibitions of agricultural products in case local supplies are sufficient.
Furthermore, article 25 of the Farmer Law states that "the Government has to create conditions that produce favorable agricultural commodities prices for farmers". The second paragraph of the article states that these conditions can be achieved using:

  1. "duty tariffs on agricultural commodities;
  2. points of entry for agricultural commodities from abroad within the customs area;
  3. administrative and quality standard requirements;
  4. impartial structure of the market for agricultural commodities;
  5. food price stabilization policy." (own translation)

The law came into force when it was signed by the President on 6 August 2013.