In May 2014, the government of Croatia announced a change in its trade finance instruments.



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Povjerenstvo Vlade za internacionalizaciju hrvatskoga gospodarstva (2014)"Akcijski plan podr?ke izvozu 2014. - 2015".

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Trade finance

On 8 May 2014, thegovernment of the Republic of Croatia adopted an action plan specifically designated to supporting national exports in the period 2014-2015. According to the official press statement of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this action plan aims to build a system of quality and sustained government's support to exporters in all stages of export. The plan was draftedby the Croatian Economy Internationalisation Commission and it contains the following 13 activities and 42 measures:
I. Ensure that exporters have access to high quality information

  1. Develop a unique government network portal for exporters 
  2. Ensure the dissemination of information on export opportunities from Digital Cadastre Plan to the relevant business associations 
  3. Organize information events, to communicate to the publicthe work of the Commission and the Council of the Commission as we success of exporters 4. Develop information materials for the exporters

II. Trigger networking opportunities for exporters

  1. Ensuring the proliferation of export opportunities from diplomatic and consular representations through business associations
  2. Gathering exporters according to markets and profile
  3. Gathering exporters according to projects abroad
  4. More favorable financing of buyers abroad
  5. New financial packages for beginner exporters

III. Improvethe education of exporters
IV. Implement consulting services for exporters
V. Strengthen Support for Business Performances Abroad

  1. Improving the model designated to support the appearances at fairs abroad
  2. Consolidate (Unify) the instruments available for financial support
  3. Introduce the practice of organizing a national fair booth
  4. Introduce the planning of semi-annual visits to economic delegations targeting foreign markets
  5. Encourage businessmen to be involved in the economic policy initiative of the European Commission " Mission for Growth"

VI. Facilitate the processes revolving around financing export

  1. Strengthen the promotion forms (methods) of export financing
  2. Intensify the implementation of measures aimed at further improving the competitiveness indicators and the credit rating of the country
  3. Undertake measures aimed at strengthening the capital and money market
  4. Direct (educate) exporters with regards to EU funding
  5. More favorable financing for the buyers abroad
  6. Introduce a new financial product for exporters with the status of 'beginners'
  7. Support major exporters through therecapitalization of the CBRD
  8. Continue the implementation of financial instruments necessary to perform in foreign markets
  9. Introduce lines of credit with longer maturities in justified cases (situations)

VII. Develop appropriate and sustainable models of fiscal support designated to strengthening the sector of export

  1. Propose (develop a proposal) an adequate and fiscally sustainable model for state aid granted to exporters in the period 2015-2017.
  2. Identify the non-tax burdens that could be reduced or abolished in 2015

VIII. Put an emphasis on the strategic export markets and the strategic export sectors
IX. Encourage change in the structure of exports

  1. Encourage foreign investments (through policies and politics) in the export sector
  2. Consolidate (unify) the list of programs that finance innovations
  3. Initiate the launch technology parks (jointly by the public and private sectors) using as a basis the analysis of the past experiences concerning this area.
  4. Perform a current and a long-term macroeconomic analysis with regards to the development of exports

X. Upgrade the statistics on the trade of goods and services as well as their availability

  1. Upgrade the statistics on the trade exchange of goods and services
  2. Provide official institutions (relevant institutions) with access to information needed for research , informing, planning and reporting

XI. Facilitate the processes (relevant to exporters) revolving around the acquisition of references in the country

  1. Open a public e-register fort the public investment projects
  2. Improve the preparation ( referring to design and composing the content) of the documents relevant for the tenders concerning public projects
  3. Improve the management of the offset transactions designated for export

XII. Expand the activities of the diplomatic structures responsible for matters related to economy

  1. Develop a comprehensive database on the EU mechanisms for supporting exports in foreign markets (outside EU) and initiate using them ( the available mechanisms)
  2. Develop and implement a plan for the use of the instruments of other multinational organizations designated to support exports
  3. Inform and consult Croatian businessmen on matters related to the Croatian National Interests in the area of preferential trade agreements and other trade issues in the EU

XIII. Remove Administrative Obstacles

  1. Expand the number of locations responsible for the issuance of Croatian Visas
  2. Intensify the dynamics revolving around the processes of concluding the agreements for double taxation avoidance in the markets which particularly interest Croatia businessmen Revalue the other remaining domestic administrative barriers and develop suggestion plans for their eventual elimination (removal)
  3. Gather information on the trade and administrative barriers abroad and act with partners at the EU level