In April 2014, the government of Poland announced a change in private-sector financial support.



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List of beneficiaries of European Funds in Poland for the years 2007-2013 (in Polish):

Press release from the Ministry of Economic Affairs from 7.4.2014 (in Polish):

Newspaper article on EC's decision, Rzeczpospolita, "Pierwsze "nie" Brukseli dla duzej inwestycji produkcyjnej", 12.4.2014 (in Polish):

Inception date: 07 Apr 2014 | Removal date: open ended

Financial grant

On 7 April 2014, the EuropeanCommission granted upon a request by the Polish government investment aid from the European RegionalDevelopment Fund to the Bridgestone Poznan Sp. z o.o. The investmentworth EUR 137 million will be used to bring to market a new generation of Run Flat Tires, as well as to enlarge the existingplant and create an R&D-unit in the city of Poznan, the capital ofthe Wielkopolskie Region.
The beneficiary company is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Europe which in turn is part of the Tokyo-based Bridgestone Corporation.
The aid received from EU's Fund will amount to EUR 23.66 million, whereas Poland will contribute another 4.18 million. The decision to grant the aid by Polish authorities was taken already on 10 November 2011, whereas the project was due on 31 December 2013.
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