In April 2021, the Dutch Government announced financial support of EUR 615 million for quantum technology in the Netherlands via the foundation Quantum Delta NL. 



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Quantum Delta, "Quantum Delta NL Awarded 615 Million Euro from Netherlands’ National Growth Fund to Accelerate Quantum Technology":

Quantum Delta, "Quantum Delta NL in a nutshell":

Inception date: 09 Apr 2021 | Removal date: open ended

In-kind grant

On 9 April 2022, the Dutch government announced the allocation of financial grants amounting to EUR 615 million (approx. USD 731.2 million) through the state-owned National Growth Fund ("Nationaal Groeifonds") for the Quantum Delta NL to provide access to quantum technology and computers. The funds will support the scaling-up of 100 companies and the hosting of three corporate research and development labs in the Netherlands by 2027.

More specifically, the Quantum Delta NL, a public-private foundation mandated to execute the Netherland's National Agenda for Quantum Technology (NAQT), brings together five quantum research hubs in Delft, Eindhoven, Leiden, Twente and Amsterdam. Quantum Delta aims at creating favourable research conditions to create access for companies to quantum networks and computers to facilitate the development and testing of quantum technology, which can be commercially applied.

The Quantum Delta NL programme was part of the first round of projects receiving funding from the National Growth Fund ("Nationaal Groeifonds"), see also the related state act. The National Growth Fund has a budget of EUR 20 billion for the period 2021-2026 and should support "projects with the highest potential of contributing to our national earning capacity, or in other words, to durable economic growth".