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Public procurement localisation

On 18 September 2013, the Swiss Parliament voted in favour of a contract on the purchase of 22 Gripen E airplanes from SAAB, worth CHF 2.2 billion (USD 2.5 billion).
The contract foresees agreements on the cooperation with Swiss firms in the production of these planes. SAAB agrees to this reciprocal business deal that allows Swiss firms to provide goods and services to SAAB.
Several economic sectors will benefit from the agreement, mainly:
- Fabricated Metal products (CPC 42)
- Special purpose Machinery (CPC 44)
- Electrical machinery and apparatus (CPC 46)
-Medical appliances, precision and optical instrument, watches and clocks (CPC 48)
- Basic chemicals (CPC 34)
- Rubber and plastic products (CPC 36)
- Computer and related services (CPC 84)
This measure is considered trade distorting because it implies a preferential threatment for Swiss intermediate goods in the production of the airplane. The list of affected countries is extracted from a suppliers list of an earlier Gripen-airplane project.
The measure will only enter into force when the referendum in May 2014 is positive.