In January 2022, the Spanish government approved a financial grant scheme to finance digitisation projects in the tourism sector.



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Boletín Oficial del Estado. Official Gazette of Spain. "Orden ICT/1519/2021, de 30 de diciembre, por la que se aprueban las bases reguladoras de ayudas para proyectos de digitalización de "última milla" en empresas del sector turístico y se procede a su convocatoria correspondiente al año 2021, en el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia". 08/01/2022. Available at:,Orden%20ICT%2F1519%2F2021%2C%20de%2030%20de%20diciembre%2C,de%20Recuperaci%C3%B3n%2C%20Transformaci%C3%B3n%20y%20Resiliencia.

Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Press release. "Turismo destina 25 millones para digitalizar empresas del sector". 10/01/2022. Available at:

Inception date: 08 Jan 2022 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2022

Financial grant

On 8 January 2022, the Spanish government published Notice ICT/1519/2021 establishing a EUR 25 million (approx. USD 29 million) financial grant scheme to support digitisation projects in the tourism sector. The scheme will be in force for the 2022 fiscal year and implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. The application deadline for the grant is one month from the publication of the extract of the call. Update: The Official State Gazette ( BOE ) published the extract of the call on 2 June 2022. 

In particular, the grants will finance projects related to the development or implementation of new technologies (IoT, 5G, big data, cybersecurity, mobile apps) in the tourism sector. The specific eligible sectors are local transport, hotels, restaurants and bars, car leasing, touristic operators, museums, and entertainment or leisure parks. Individual grants will range between EUR 300,000 (USD 347,480) to EUR 5 million (USD 5.8 million). 

In this context, the State-Secretary of Tourism, Fernando Valdés, stated: "The digitisation of the tourism sector is key to continue attracting tourists who are increasingly hyperconnected and to provide experiences with greater added value. It is also one of the areas where Spain has the greatest room for improvement". 

Notably, the support was granted under Spain's national and recovery plan (see related state act).