On 3 September 2021, Germany implemented a financial grant scheme to support the creation of centers of advanced research in the field of AI.



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SA.100347 Richtlinie zur Förderung zum Aufbau von KI-Servicezentren

Information communicated by Member States regarding State aid granted under Commission
Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014 declaring certain categories of aid compatible with the internal market in application of Articles 107 and 108 of the Treaty (Text with EEA relevance)

Inception date: 03 Sep 2021 | Removal date: 30 Jun 2024

Financial grant

On 3 September 2021, the government of Germany introduced a EUR 80 (USD 94) million financial grant scheme. This scheme will support commercial companies, universities, and non-university research institutions carrying out research and development activities related to AI. The aim is to set up the centres to ensure the development and scalability of AI methods, large models, new types of hardware, and the provision of AI services to companies. The scheme is in force until 30 June 2024. 

Under the scheme, financial grants will amount to up to 100% of the eligible costs for basic research costs, 50% of the eligible costs for industrial research, and 25% of the eligible costs for experimental development. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research will be the granting authority. 

This notification falls under the GBER exemptions and therefore it does not require a formal decision from the European Commission.

A state act in the GTA database is assessed solely in terms of the extent to which its implementation affects foreign commercial interests. On this metric, the financial support granted here is discriminatory. Our interest here is in the financial support for organisations engaging in commercial activity, not the higher education sector per se.