In November 2008, the government of Argentina announced a rule change for import registration.



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Inception date: 30 Nov 2008 | Removal date: 23 Jan 2013

Import licensing requirement

On 10 November 2008, the Ministry of Economy and Production of Argentina adopted Resolution 588/2008 establishing import licensing requirements on certain metallurgic products.

The affected tariff lines have been NCM 7307.19.10, 8458.11.99, 8462.39.90, 8205.40.00, 8462.10.90, 8462.99.90, 8424.30.10, 8462.21.00, 8477.10.11, 8425.31.10, 8462.29.00, 8477.10.99, 8428.10.00 and 8462.39.10.

Importers wishing to import any of the above-mentioned goods, need to apply for the Metalurgic Products Import Certificate.

Previously to this legislation, these good were not subject to this import licensing requirements.

Resolution 588/2008 entered into force on 30 November 2008.

On 5 March 2009, the Ministry of Production of Argentina adopted Resolution 61/2009 inserting four new tariff lines in 588/2008. The newly incorporated HS Codes have been 7318.12.00, 7318.15.00, 7318.14.00 and 8418.69.40. The new incorporations entered into force on 25 March 2009.
On 15 April 2009, the Ministry of Production of Argentina adopted Resolution 123/2009 adding a new tariff line to the list of products subject to the Metalurgic Products Import Certificate. This new legislation also introduced new products subject to import licenses (please, see related state acts). The new legislation entered into force on 5 May 2009.
On 25 January 2013, the Argentine Ministry of Economy and Public Credit adopted Resolution 11/2013 revoking multiple legislation including Resolution 588/2008.