In September 2012, the European Commission initiated a new anti-subsidy investigation.



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Official Journal of the European Union, 10.11.2012, C 342/12:
Official Journal of the European Union, 11.04.2013, L 102/13, Commission Regulation (EU) No 330/2013:
Official Journal of the European Union, 26.11.2013, L 315/67, Commission Regulation (EU) No 1198/2013:

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On November 10, 2012, the European Commission announced the initiation of an anti-subsidy investigation on imports of biodiesel (fatty-acid mono- alkyl esters and/or paraffinic gasoils obtained from synthesis and/or hydro-treatment, of non-fossil origin, in pure form or as included in a blend) from Argentina and Indonesia.
The products subject to investigation are classified under the following HS codes: ex 1516.2098, ex 1518.0091, ex 1518.0095, ex 1518.0099, ex 2710.1943, ex 2710.1946, ex 2710.1947, 2710.2011, 2710.2015, 2710.2017, ex 3824.9097, 3826.0010 and ex 3826.00.90.
The complaint was lodged on September 27, 2012 by the European Biodiesel Board.
On 11 April 2013, the European Commission released a regulation (Commission Regulation (EU) No 330/2013) introducing mandatory registering/tracking of all imports, with respect to biodiesel originating in Argentina and Indonesia (see measure 6765). This measure was meant to allow for retroactive imposing of duties in case the investigation leads to the introduction of CVD on the above mentioned products.
On November 25, 2013, the European Commission terminated the anti-subsidy investigation on imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia and repealed the Regulation (EU) No 330/2013 that made imports of the products under scrutiny subject to registration (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1198/2013).