In July 2009, the Export-Import Bank (EXIM) approved export credit insurance to Montachem International, Inc..



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Inception date: 07 Jul 2009 | Removal date: open ended

Trade finance

On 7 July 2009, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) granted export insurance coverage to Montachem International, Inc. The supported transaction had a total value of USD 15 million. According to the banks categories of product or services affected by the transaction, this action supported 'Plastics and Rubber Industry Machinery Manufacturing'.

EXIMs export credit insurance is an insurance policy that mitigates the nonpayment risk of businesses foreign receivables. The program also helps the businesses to expand their borrowing base and improve their cash flows. By providing open account credit terms to foreign buyers, the program increases the competitiveness of U.S. businesses.

Notably, EXIM is a fully government-owned corporation and acts as an independent executive agency. Its mission is to provide trade finance 'in cases where the private sector is unable or unwilling to provide financing or when such support is necessary to level the playing field due to financing provided by foreign governments to their exporters that compete with U.S. exporters'.