In December 2012, the European Commission approved an Italian financial grant to support an infrastructure investment project at the Port of Augusta, in Sicily.



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Inception date: 19 Dec 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Financial grant

On 19 December 2012, the European Commission approved a EUR 100 (USD 132.5) million financial grant from Italy. The aid will support the state-owned Port Authority of Augusta in the infrastructure project "to expand and adapt the existing port infrastructure to also allow for the traffic of large containers in the sea-sea, sea-road and sea-rail modalities".

In particular, the infrastructure project consists of four interventions: expanding the existing yard, strengthening a part of the existing dock, constructing a new dock and an adjoining yard, and constructing a second new dock. The total costs of the project are estimated at EUR 145.33 million.

In this context, the European Commission noted: "The newly-created transport capacity shall nevertheless affect both competition and intra-Union trade, as different ports in several Member States (such as the ports of Marseille, Valencia and Algeciras, to name just a few examples) are at least potentially in competition with the port of Augusta to attract traffic".

Regardless, the Commission has decided not to raise objections to the aid on the grounds that the aid is "compatible with the Treaty under Article 107(3)(c) of the Treaty".

The state aid is notified under the following objective: Regional development.

A state act in the GTA database is assessed solely in terms of the extent to which its implementation affects foreign commercial interests. On this metric, the financial support granted here is discriminatory.