In February 2013, the government of Brazil announced a change in import duties.



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Camex Resolution no. 9 of 5 February 2013, published in Official Gazette of 6 February 2013:

Inception date: 06 Feb 2013 | Removal date: 06 Jan 2015

Import tariff

In early 2013, the government of Brazil reduced import tariffs on selected goods that have no local equivalent.
On February 6, 2013, the Government of Brazil announced the temporary tariff reduction of the ad-valorem import duty applicable to certain information technology and telecommunications goods.
The Brazilian legislation, through the "ex-tarifários" regime authorizes the temporary reduction of the ad-valorem import duty of capital and information technology goods, its parts, pieces and components. This temporary reduction may take place whenever it is found that there is no domestic production of these goods. To implement these reductions, the Brazilian authorities are allowed to create new tariff positions.
Through this resolution, the Brazilian Government determines the temporary application of a 2% ad-valorem import duty for goods classified under 197 codes of the following Chapters of MERCOSUR´s Harmonized Tariff System: 84, 85 and 90.
The resolution by the Brazilian Trade Council (Camex resolution no. 9) came into force on 6 February 2013 and stays in effect until 31 December 2014.