The Argentine government reimposed the requirement to obtain a concrete certificate to import books, newspapers, magazines and other similar material.



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Inception date: 15 Sep 2020 | Removal date: 14 Sep 2021

Import licensing requirement

On 31 August 2020, the Ministry of Productive Development of Argentina adopted Resolution 253/2020 reimposing the requisite to obtain a special certificate to import books, brochures and leaflets, as well as colouring books for children. The affected products were classified under tariffs subheadings NCM 4901 and 4903.00.00.

Concretely, the new regulation reimposes Disposition N° 26 adopted in February 2012 and revoked via Resolutions 1/2016 and  332 - E/2016. Originally the certification requirement was imposed based on health concerns with the intention to confirm that the ink used in the imported goods was lead-free. This import licensing requirement only applied to imports of more than 500 units per year. 

Notably, in the regulations of 2016, the authorities recognized that this extra requirement was unnecessary as there were already technical standards that already ensured that the imported goods meet all technical requirements -including the use of lead-free ink. Departing from this issue, it can be understood that the new regulation seeks to impose further import licensing requirements that go beyond health concerns.

In this sense, the local press and books associations also reported that the new measure was restored to hinder the importation of this good and promote local products.