On 19 June 2018, the Turkish Ministry of Trade issued a licensing requirement on the imports of certain PVC floor coverings.



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Official Gazette of Turkey, (19.6.2018) İthalatta Gözetim Uygulamasına İlişkin Tebliğ (Tebliğ No: 2018/11). [Communique on Import Surveillance No. 2018/11]. Available at:

Inception date: 19 Jun 2018 | Removal date: open ended

Import licensing requirement

On 19 June 2018, the Turkish Ministry of Trade issued a Communiqué (2018/11) introducing import licensing requirements on certain PVC floor coverings if the price is equal or below USD 5 per kg. The subject goods are classified in the Turkish Customs Schedule under the customs tariff codes 3918. and 3918.

According to the Communique, the importation can only be done with a surveillance certificate issued by the Ministry of Trade as long as the customs value is below the price threshold specified in the communique. In other words, if the value of imports is above the said threshold, a surveillance certificate is not required. On the imports of PVC floor coverings, the price threshold is, as mentioned, USD 5 per kg.

In general, Turkey’s value-based surveillance system works like reference pricing or non-automatic licensing according to a number of WTO member states due to the licensing procedures. As part of the licensing procedures, the government requires detailed information regarding the economic indicators and cost structure of the product and requires the approval of the accuracy of this content by an official body in the respective country. Furthermore, the Turkish government also reserves its rights to request additional information from the importer. Importers may declare a higher customs value than the actual transaction value in order to complete the import operations to avoid said licensing procedures.

The communique enters into force on the announcement date.