In December 2012, the government of Indonesia announced a change in import formalities.



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Inception date: 01 Jan 2013 | Removal date: open ended

Import-related non-tariff measure, nes

On 27 December 2012, the Ministry of Trade issued Regulation 82/2012 regarding the importation of cellular Phones, Handheld Computers as well as Tablets.
The Minister of Trade, Gita Wirjawan, confirmed the economic/trade implications of this measure by stating that:'This Regulation of the Minister of Trade is issued to support the Health, Safety, Security and Environment and to support the industrialization of cellular phones and computers in the future'.
The decree mainly covers additional notification obligations, quality standards and technical requirements that will complicate the importation of the above mentioned products. One good example is the Article 4 (1) (i) that requires the importer to be in the business for a 'minimum period of 3 years". This constitutes a complete import ban in the case of start ups in this sector. Nevertheless, in most cases the regulation will complicate the imporation process but not stop it.
The full list of restrictions can be found in the legal text (in the sources).
Update 1
On 1 August 2013, the Ministry of Trade introduced new restrictions (cf. Related Measures).
Update 2
On 21 August 2014, the Trade Ministry published regulation 48/M-DAG/PER/8/2014 changing the import restrictions. The changes included the exchange of an allowed port of entry and new regulations for special economic zones. Hence, this regulation was not listed as a new measure within this database.
Update 3
On 30 May 2016, the Ministry again amended the import provisions, simplifying the import procedure (cf. Related Measures).