In January 2013, the European Commission announced a change in import formalities.



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Official Journal of the European Union, 28.01.2013, L 27/10, Commission Regulation (EU) No 79/2013:
Official Journal of the European Union, 28.05.2013, L 141/6, Commission Regulation (EU) No 490/2013:

Inception date: 29 Jan 2013 | Removal date: 30 May 2013

Import-related non-tariff measure, nes

On January 28, 2013, the European Commission decided to impose a registration obligation on biodiesel products from Argentina and Indonesia (Commission Regulation (EU) No 79/2013).
The following HS codes are in question: 1516.2098; 1518.0091; 1518.0095; 1518.0099; 2710.1943; 2710.1946; 2710.1947; 2710.2011; 2710.2015; 2710.2017, 3824.9097, 3826.0010 and 3826.0090.
The additional administrative burden discriminates against imports from the above mentioned countries. The measure is implemented in the context of anti-dumping allegations against the two countries (see measure 3894). Hence the registration is not only an administrative burden but also a mechanism that allows for retroactive imposition of AD duties.
If the anti-dumping allegations are confirmed during the investigation, the registration obligations will allow tracking dumping from the day of the registration, which means that potential anti-dumping duties can be imposed retroactively due to the obligations.
On May 27, 2013, the Commission announced the imposition of a provisional anti-dumping duty on the imports of biodiesel products from Argentina and Indonesia (Commission Regulation (EU) No 490/2013). With this regulation imposing a provisional duty, the mandatory registering/tracking of those imports imposed by Commission Regulation (EU) No 79/2013 dated January 28, 2013 ceased.