In June 2012, the government of Turkey announced a change in a support programme for the private sector.



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Turkey Offers Incentives for Carmakers to Expand Production,
Turkey Offers Incentives for Carmakers to Expand Production,

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According to numerous and consistent international press reports of June 19, 2012, Mr Mehmet Zafer Çaglayan, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Turkey, has declared that investors who plan to produce at least 100,000 cars per year, or who plan a capacity increase at the same level, will be exempted in some cases from import customs taxes for 15 per cent of their capacity. A similar incentive scheme is foreseen for engine producers.
Fiat SpA, Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Renault SA produce cars in Turkey. The German carmaker Volkswagen is also considering investing in production facilities in Turkey, after the Turkish government expressed its commitment to provide incentives to the Turkish auto sector.