In April 2014, the government of the Russian Federation announced a change in private-sector financial support.



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Decree N305 of the Government of Russian Federation dated 15 April 2014.
Complete text of the state program for the development of the pharmaceutical and medical industries in the period 2013-2020, available at the Internet site of the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation,

Inception date: 03 Nov 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Financial grant

On 15 April 2014, the Russian Government approved the state program "Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries in 2013-2025". The stated goal of the program is to assist the development of innovative domestic pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing by strengthening R&D, technological and manufacturing potential of the Russian pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers, as well as horizontal measures targeting improved IT systems and human resource development.

The Program's four sub-programs cover, respectively, the manufacturing of medicines, the manufacturing of medical devices and items, development of IT infrastructure and human resources and the grandfathered pre-2013 sectoral development program.

The Program is coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and has a budget allocation of 93 billion rubles (USD 2.6b at April 2014 exchange rate) spread over 8 years. Half of the total eight-year budget is reserved to the grandfathered sectoral program, around a third is allocated to pharmaceuticals production.  

Government support is to be instrumentalized through direct subsidies to manufacturers of (a) pharmaceuticals and (b) medical items, covering the set-up of new productions, clinical trial expenses, purchase of equipment, substances, and government-sponsored R&D.