In January 2010, the European Commission initiated a new anti-dumping investigation.



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Inception date: 19 Jan 2010 | Removal date: 19 Jan 2012


On 19 January 2010, the Council adopted Regulation (EU) No 54/2010 extending the imposition of a definitive anti-dumping duty on imports of ethanolamine originating in the United States of America (OJ 2010 L 17, p. 1, 'the contested regulation'). Anti Dumping duties on the imports of ehtanolamines where imposed for the first time in 1994 (EC 229/94).
The definite anti-dumping duty affected the following products:
ex 2922 11 00 (Mono-ethanolamine)
ex 2922 12 00 (Di-ethanolamine)
2922 13 10 (Tri-ethanolamine)
The duty varies with respect to the affected firms, namely:
The Dow Chemical Corp.59.25 EUR per tonne
INEOS Americas LLC69.40 EUR per tonne
Huntsman Chemical111.25 EUR per tonne
All other companies111.25 EUR per tonne
This definitive anti-dumping duty will be in force for a period of two years.
 On 21 January 2012, the Commition initiated a fourth expiry review.
On 8 May 2012, the EU General court decided to annul the above Regulation (EU) No 54/2010 of 19 January 2010 as far as it concerns The Dow Chemical Company (para. 62, Case T-158/10, 8 May 2012). The Court decided that all AD duties that where paid in the past would be retroactively refunded, in the case of the Dow Chemical Company only.

 On 10 October 2012, the European Commission decided to reopen the anti-dumping investigations concerning imports of ethanolamines produced by the above mentioned company. "The reopening is limited in scope to the implementation of the finding of the General Court" mentioned above. (page 1, 2012/C 314/10)
On 26 March 2012, the Commission decided not to extend the anti-dumping duties in force. The measure will therefore terminate upon expiration. The expiry review on imports of the subject product from The Dow Chemical Company is also terminated since it now lacks object.