Inception date: 11 Aug 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Instrument unclear

On August 11, 2012 the law Decree "Urgent measures for the growth of the country" entered into force.
The Decree enacts some measures aiming at fostering the development of infrastructure, construction and transportation industries. The Decree is the result of government discussions on economic growth and sustainability in Italy, and it was approved with the intention of giving a new stimulus to the Italian economy in a context of financial rigor.
The measure consists of 70 articles. Among those, a few measures appear that will hinder trade with foreign countries. Non-EU countries are the ones most likely to be hurt.
Measure on Biofuels:
Art. 34 contains some measures concerning biofuels regulation. It is reported that 30 days after the publication of the Decree, all imports of biofuels from non-EU countries are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development. All documentations must be submitted in Italian language. Documents drafted in any other language will not be accepted.
This measure is likely to harm non-EU countries insofar as bureaucratic ciompliance costs are increased and it is possible that the import is delayed or not allowed.
Measure on Call Center Activity:
As of August 12, 2012, all Call Centers employing less than 20 workers will be subject to some new regulation. Those who wish to relocate their activity outside of the Italian territory need to send a communication to the Ministry of Labor at least 120 days before relocation takes place. Information on the affected workers is also to be provided. Companies that relocate abroad are not entitled to any incentives and are obliged to communicate to their clients the base of their activity.
Such a measure is trade distortive insofar as only Italy-based Italian companies are entitled to economic incentives and the process of relocating abroad is made lengthier and costlier.