In March 2012, the government of Belarus announced a change to its IPP regime.



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Government Decree 205 from 2 March 2012 -

Inception date: 02 Mar 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Intellectual property protection

On 2 March 2012 the government of Belarus introduced 'Development Strategy for Intellectual Property Rights for 2012 - 2020' ('Strategy') (Government Decree 205 from 2 March 2012). The main goal of the Strategy in a short term is to finish the formation of institutional foundations of intellectual property rights (IPR) in Belarus. The main goal of the Strategy in a long term is a complex integration of the system of intellectual property into the socio-economic policy of the state and an increase of competitiveness of Belorussian economy.
The tools for development of the intellectual property rights are the following:
n development of intellectual property rights law,
n development of intellectual property rights infrastructure,
n improvement of the mechanism of IPR protection,
n development of the Belarus national brands based on existing competitive sectors of the Belarus economy
n development of incentive mechanisms for the use of IPR
n increase of the status of intellectual property protection in Belarus.
The Strategy identifies 21 measures which will be taken in 2012-2013 toimprove the situation with IPR protection in Belarus including somefurther steps in education and research in the area of IPR protection inBelarus. 
This strategy is motivated by the goal of increasing the competitiveness of the Belorussian domestic products and overall economy based on efficient management of IPR. In order to increase the investment potential of the Republic of Belarus, the 'Strategy' states the necessity to introduce the same patent tariffs for IPR for residents and non-residents of Belarus.
This measure appears to treat domestic and foreign commercial interests the same and is classified as green accordingly.