In June 2012, the government of Canada announced a rule change relating to export registration.



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Inception date: 01 Aug 2012 | Removal date: open ended

Export licensing requirement

In Customs Notice 12-019 (Termination of the Role of the Canadian Wheat Board in Issuing Export Permits) issued june 20, 2012 the Canada Border Services Agency advises exporters, that effective August 1, 2012, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) will no longer issue export licenses for shipments of wheat, durum, and barley (including products) leaving Canada. This change in policy is a result of legislation passed by the Federal Government in December of 2011 that changed significantly the mandate of the CWB. With the passage of the Canadian Wheat Board (Interim Operations) Act, all types of export licenses currently managed by the CWB, including special licenses issued on an annual basis and individual licenses issued on an ad hoc basis will no longer be issued by the CWB.
For the current crop year (August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012) individual export licenses will be issued by the CWB up to and including July 31, 2012. Exporters will need to apply through the CWB for an export license until that date. Also note that all special licenses issued by the CWB on an annual basis will automatically expire on July 31, 2012.