November 12th, 2015 - The Chinese government released an update list of sectors targeted for government support.



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PRC Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, November 12th, 2015. (工业和信息化部关于印发《产业关键共性技术发展指南(2015年)》的通知)

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In November 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a new list of sectors and technologies that would be targeted for government support.

The list is the third iteration of the 'Key Industrial Technologies Development Guide', the previous one having been promulgated in 2013 (see related acts).

The 2015 edition is specifically linked to the Made in China 2025 programme, which is designed to specifically benefit Chinese firms. Previous editions of the list were linked to other policies.

Compared to 2013, the list is broadly the same in terms of content, however it has been restructured - changing from having eight broad sectors to just five. The three 'extra' ones were subsumed into others, so nothing has been removed.

The subsectors, however, have been changed. While there are still 27, some have been removed and some added. Some of these additions are a result of the restructuring of the list. Notable changes are below:


  • Combustion engines
  • Automobiles (except for NEVs; see below)
  • Railway equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Aviation and space equipment


  • New energy vehicles (NEVs)
  • Agricultural machinery

The 'key industries' have also been altered: now there are only 205 (previously was 252). Additions include things like smart TV operating systems, super hydrophobic lipophilic fluid filtration systems, automation integration technology, removals include gypsum processing, and the technologies relating to the removed subsectors.

The new structure is as follows:

  1. Energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources
  2. The raw material industry
    (1) Steel
    (2) Non-ferrous metals
    (3) Petrochemical industry
    (4) Building materials
  3. Equipment manufacturing
    (1) Basic machinery
    (2) Basic technology
    (3) Preparation of composite materials
    (4) Construction machinery
    (5) Agricultural machinery
    (6) Machine tool
    (7) Intelligent manufacturing equipment
    (8) Advanced aviation materials application technology
    (9) Energy-saving and new energy vehicles
    (10) Instrumentation
  4. The consumer goods industry
    (1) Textile
    (2) Light industry
    (3) Food
    (4) Medicine
  5. Electronic information and communication industry
    (1) Integrated circuit
    (2) flat panel display
    (3) Solar photovoltaic
    (4) Lithium-ion battery
    (5) Digital home audio and video
    (6) Automotive Electronics
    (7) Software and information technology services
    (8) Communication
    (9) Informatization and productive services