In July 2018, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Tourism Policies announced a support scheme for Italian wine producers' promotional projects in non-European countries. The scheme is introduced for the year 2018/2019.



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Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Tourism Policies, press release of 27 July 2018, Centinaio: "Sbloccato finalmente provvedimento OCM vino" Pubblicato decreto per progetti 2018/2019 con risorse per 100 milioni di euro:
News Italian Food, Italian wine promotion to be supported abroad, 3 August 2018:

Inception date: 27 Jul 2018 | Removal date: 23 Jun 2019

Other export incentive

On 27 July 2018, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Tourism Policies announced a support scheme for the Italian wine industry's promotion projects to non-European countries. The scheme has a total budget of EUR 100 million (USD 116.6 million) with approximately EUR 28 million being financed by the decree issued by the Ministry whilst the remaining budget is allocated from Italian regional authorities. The budget and scheme are implemented for the year 2018/2019. The projects must be received by 25 September 2018.

Grants will be issued to Italian wine producers for 50% of their expenses of promotional programmes in third markets. Eligible projects include the following activities:

  • Public relations, promotion and publicity particularly highlighting quality, food safety and environment
  • Participation in events, fairs and exhibition considered internationally important
  • Information campaigns particular regarding designated origin, GIs and organic production
  • Studies carried out for the purpose to evaluate information and portion campaigns and related activities (a maximum of 3% of the total project cost must contain this action)

In this context, the Minister of Agricultural, Forestry and Tourism Policies Gian Marco Centinaio stated: "We are the world's leading wine producer and our products are everywhere synonymous with excellence, but this is not enough, we need more effort, we need targeted resources because promotion is essential for international markets. We want to help our companies in this operation, to be by their side, reducing bureaucracy and investing even more on the differentiation of supply and quality, two elements that make our wineries and other realities unique (translated from the original press release)."