On 11 July 2009, the Customs Administration of Chinese Taipei announced that it would amend temporary reductions in tariffs imposed at the beginning of 2009. UN comtrade statistics are not available for Chinese Taipei. Hence no affected trading partners could be enumerated.



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Ministry of Finance, Republic of China, Press Release, 21 July 2009, (in Chinese)

Inception date: 06 Aug 2009 | Removal date: 06 Mar 2010

Import tariff

The reductions of 50%, which were due to expire on 18 August 2009, applied to agricultural commodities and processed foods (corn meal, butter, wheat flour, soy, tomato paste, cream and sesame) as well as motors. The initial motivation for the temporary reduction in tariffs was adverse global economic conditions, and the continued presence of a negative outlook was the basis on which the Administration decided to maintain reductions for corn meal, wheat flour, cream, tomato paste and sesame until 18 February 2009.
Inception date: 06 Aug 2009 | Removal date: 06 Mar 2010

Import tariff

Tariffs on motors will be reduced by 25% (instead of the original 50%) during the same period. In light of a continued fall in the price of butter, the Customs Administration decided not to continue the reduced tariffs on butter, in order to better protect the livelihoods of dairy farmers.