The National Bank for Economic and Social Development of Brazil (i.e. BNDES by its acronym in Portuguese) and the Brazilian Company of Innovation and Research (FINEP) launched the Inova Mineral Scheme.



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National Bank for Economic and Social Development of Brazil. O banco nacional do desenvolvimento. "Inova Mineral aprova planos de negócios de R$ 737 milhões em investimentos" Available at:

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Inception date: 13 May 2016 | Removal date: 31 Dec 2023
Still in force

State loan

On 13 May 2016, the BNDES and the FINEP launched the Inova Mineral Plan to encourage and select innovative business plans with total resources estimated at BRL 1.18 billion (over USD 336.4 million at the time of the measure). 

The first period of submission started on 1 September 2016 and the results were announced on 19 April 2017, when the financial institutions allocated approved 24 business plans worth BRL 737 (USD 234.7 million at the time of the announcement) in investments related to the Brazilian mining industry.

In particular, approved projects are supposed to focus on mitigation of environmental risks and impacts derived from mining activity; recovery and reuse of waste from mineral activity; high-performance materials; mineral process technologies for competitiveness and market deconcentration; chain consolidation through the development and absorption of technologies; and expansion of supply of phosphate and potassium and reduction of the commercial deficit of fertilizers. 

Inova Mineral
Inova Mineral aims to stimulate the development of new technologies as a way to further increase the competitiveness of the mining and mineral transformation sector. The objective of the initiative is to foment and select investment plans that contemplate the technological development, production and commercialization of innovative and sustainable products, processes and services.
On 30 January 2018, new announcements made by the BNDES suggest an increase in the total budget allocated to the Inova Mineral Program. In the same announcement, the financial institutions stated that the program will run until 2023 (please, see related state acts).