In October 2011, the European Commission initiated a new anti-subsidy investigation.



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Official Journal of the European Union, Notice of initiation of an anti-subsidy proceeding concerning imports of bioethanol originating in the United States of America (2011/C 345/05), 25.11.2011:

Official Journal of the European Union:

Inception date: 23 Aug 2012 | Removal date: 22 Dec 2012


On 25 October 2011 the European Commission announced the initiation of CVD investigation concerning imports of bioethanol from the US. The complaint was lodged on 12 October 2011 by the European Producers Union of Renewable Ethanol Association (ePURE), which represents more than 25% of the ethanol production in the EU. According to the complainant the American producers have benefited from several Federal subsidies. The complainant has also provided evidence that the imports of bioethanol from the US have had negative impact on the European Union industry.
The HS codes considered are: 2207.1000; 2207.2000; 2208.9099; 2710.1211; 2710.1215; 2710.1221; 2710.1225; 2710.1231; 2710.1241; 2710.1245; 2710.1249; 2710.1251; 2710.1259; 2710.1270; 2710.1290; 3814.0010; 3814.0090; 3820.0000 and 3824.9097.
On 23 August 2012, the Council started requesting the registration of imports of bioethanol originating in the United States. Registration is set to expire nine months following the data of entry into force of the regulation.
On 20 December 2012, the Council decided to terminate the CVC-proceeding previously adopted and decided not to collect any countervailing duty on the product concerned.