July 6, 2015 - The Chinese government published a new iteration of a scheme which granted interest subsidies on certain imports.



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Bureau of Commerce of Foshan City (Guangdong), January 7 2016. (国家鼓励进口技术和产品目录(2015年版))

Inception date: 06 Jul 2015 | Removal date: open ended

Import incentive

On the 6th of July, 2015, three Chinese ministries* jointly announced a new version of a policy originally from 2009 (see related State Act) where certain imports would be granted interest subsidies.

Items which are considered by the National Development and Reform Commission difficult to obtain or manufacture in China, but useful for the advancement of Chinese technology, are included in the scheme.

The imports for which the scheme can be requested are divided into four categories as follows (in brackets are shown the total number of entries per category, and the difference from the previous edition of the catalogue):

  1. Technologies (243; +20)
  2. Equipment (148; +7, -18)
  3. Industries (79; +4)
  4. Raw materials (20; +0)

Categories 2. and 4. enumerate various specific tariff lines which are eligible for the discounts, which are included in the taxonomy section.

*PRC State Council, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce