In November 2011, the government of Canada announced a change in import duties.



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Import tariff

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced on November 27, 2011 that the government will eliminate 70 import tariffs on items used in a range of manufacturing and processing industries, including food processing, furniture, and transportation equipment. Flaherty said that the tariff cuts are part of the government's initiative to eliminate customs duties as part of its Economic Action Plan to make Canada a tariff-free zone for industrial manufacturers by 2015. Since 2009, Canada has eliminated more than 1,800 tariff items, amounting to more than CAN$435 million in annual tariff relief to Canadian companies, according to the Finance Ministry.
Full details were published in the Canada Gazette on December 7, 2011.
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has advised that the chapter-by-chapter .pdf version of the 2012 Customs Tariff has been posted on the CBSA's website at The full .pdf has also been posted. CADEX programming is underway and should be completed by mid-December.