In December 2010, the government of the Russian Federation announced a change in the required local inputs to serve domestic customers.



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Joint Order No.678/1289/184H, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Finance on 24 December 2010, "О внесении изменений в порядок, определяющий понятие "промышленная сборка" моторных транспортных средств и устанавливающий применение данного понятия при ввозе на территорию Российской Федерации автокомпонентов для производства моторных транспортных средств товарных позиций 8701-8705 ТН ВЭД, их узлов и агрегатов" (“On amendments to the procedure that defines the concept of“ industrial assembly ”of motor vehicles and establishes the application of this concept when importing into the Russian Federation auto components for the production of motor vehicles of heading 8701-8705 HS, their components and assemblies”),

Inception date: 24 Dec 2010 | Removal date: open ended

Local sourcing

In the Russian Federation, the Government tightened the rules for automobile producers, including foreign ones, who wish to make use of the duty­free import of components into Russia. The new conditions require that the volume of production must amount to at least 300,000 autos a year (up from 25,000); at least 30 per cent of engines must be produced in Russia; and local content of auto components production must amount to 60 per cent by 2020. The measure was introduced by the JointOrderNo.678/1289/184H,MinistryofEconomicDevelopment,MinistryofIndustryandTradeand Ministry of Finance on 24 December 2010.