In June 2009, the government of China announced a change in export taxation.



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Ministry of Finance (People's Republic of China), "Notice of the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council on Adjusting Export Tariff of Some Commodities", 19 June 2009,

Inception date: 19 Jun 2009 | Removal date: open ended

Export tax

On 19 June 2009, the Tariff Policy Commission of the State Council released a comprehensive listing of changes to the People's Republic of China's export tariff policy.
The document, which contained all changes in an Appendix, detailed the changes in both tariffs and special tariffs on specific commodities. Provisional tariffs on 31 products were abolished, including those on wheat, rice, soybeans, various kinds of flour, sulfuric acid, wire and ball-shaped steel particles. Special tariffs on chalk, talc, ammonia, phosphorous, phosphate and various types of chemical fertilizers were also cancelled.
Export tariffs levied on metal goods, particularly those made from steel, were either kept constant or lowered by five or ten percentage points, while seasonal export tariffs on remaining categories of chemical fertilizer were amended to 10% year-round (the same rate as the low-season tariff levied under the previous system). The low-season for export tariffs on urea was lengthened, but the high season (when higher export tariffs are levied regardless of price) for two specific types of phosphate mixtures was increased by more than one month.