On October 31, 2016, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber decided to temporarily reduce the import tariffs on a selected number of steel goods to 2%. Previously these goods' import tariffs used to be 14%.



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The Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber's website (CAMEX), Camara de comercio exterior Resoluçao Nº 108, De 31 De Outubro de 2016,

Inception date: 31 Oct 2016 | Removal date: 30 Jun 2018

Import tariff

On October 31, 2016, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber (Camara de Comercio Exterior do Brasil) announced a temporary cut in the import tariffs of a selected number of steel-based goods and parts and set them to 2%. These goods previous import tariffs were set to 14% previously. 

This measure has been implemented under the Ex-Tarifarios (ET) regime which allows for provisional temporary import tariff changes for selected goods to be set to 2%. They are announced periodically by the Brazilian Foreign Trade Chamber and are temporary in nature, lasting only 2 years. Such goods tariff rates may be renewed again under the ET program.