On 28 November 2016, with Resolution No. 2524-r, the Russian Government approved a concrete list of goods that become eligible for state support.




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Government of the Russian Federation
1. Об утверждении перечня продукции для оказания господдержки организациям, занимающимся первичной и промышленной переработкой сельскохозяйственной продукции

2. Распоряжение от 28 ноября 2016 года №2524-р

3. Федеральный закон от 29 декабря 2006 г. N 264-ФЗ г. Москва "О развитии сельского хозяйства"

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4. Рассчитываем долю дохода от реализации сельхозпродукции

5. Справочник ОКПД2

Inception date: 28 Nov 2016 | Removal date: open ended

Interest payment subsidy

The existing legislation (Article 7 of Federal Law No. 264-FZ of 29 December 2006 "On the development of agriculture") foresees the provision of state support, including affordable loans, insurance, extension services, etc. to Russian companies that are engaged in the primary and (or) the subsequent (industrial) processing of agricultural products.

The condition that a beneficiary must fulfil in order to get state support is a share of income of this particular production of at least 70% in one calendar year. (Article 3.1 of the above Law).

With Resolution No. 2524-r, the Government of the Russian Federation specifies in a list of 11 thematic groupings of items the specific goods that shall benefit under the existing legislation. The most important goods in this list are: meat products, processed and canned fruit and vegetables; animal and vegetable oils and fats; milk and milk products, feeds for farm animals, beverages, coloring matter of vegetable or animal origin, glycerin, essential oil, and edible gelatin.

Government Resolution No. 2524-r is set within the framework of the state program for the development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013-2020.