In May 2011, the government of Nepal announced a change in the tax legislation for exporters.



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Nepal Trade Integration Strategy, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies

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Tax-based export incentive

On 9 May 2011 the Permanent Delegation of Nepal to the WTO informed the WTO about the Trade Integration Strategy 2010, which aims at promoting the industry and export of certain products and services. This will happen for example by strengthening competitiveness, export promotion, development in transparency and technical and product development. The products concerned are for example cardamom, ginger, honey, lentils, tea, noodles, medicinal herbs and essential oils, hand-made paper, silver jewelry, iron and steel products, wool, and pashmina. She services sectors included in the strategy are tourism, health, education, engineering, labour services, IT&BPO services, education and hydro-electricity.
For example in the case of lentil production and lentil export promotion, Nepal is planning to reduce and then eliminate taxes affecting the export products. In the case of silver jewelry Nepal will include a special provision under the bilateral trade treaty.
Other action points in the strategy are for example improving transportation, promoting products and services needed for production of these certain products.