Inception date: 18 Jun 2010 | Removal date: 17 Oct 2011

Export subsidy

On 17 June 2010 the European Commission decided to lower its export refunds for poultry meat in regulation 525/2010.
The export subsidy for 100 pieces of chicken breedstock was reduced from 1.4EUR to 0.24EUR, whereas the refund for poultry with HS Codes 010512 and 010514 was lowered from 2.8EUR to 0.47EUR. Furthermore, the amount given per 100kg of poultry meat was reduced to 32.50EUR (previously 55 EUR).
According to the European Commission the reason for implementing this measure is the current situation in the market of poultry meat. The export refunds should be fixed in accordance with the rules and criteria provided for in Articles 162 to 164, 167, 169 and 170 of Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007. (L 152/5) The measure came into effect on 18 June 2010.
Update on 24 September 2010: Continuation of the measure. (L 250/18) - EC regulation 841/2010
Update on 16 December 2010: Continuation of the measure. (L 333/53) - EC regulation 1207/2010
Update on 17 March 2011: Continuation of the measure. (L71/15) - EC regulation 266/2011
Update on 24 June 2011: Continuation of the measure. (L164/12) -EC regulation 615/2011
Update on 23 September 2011: Continuation of the measure (L246/24) - EC regulation 946/2011
Update on 21 October 2011:
Due to the changed export refunds, this measure is no longer listed as implemented (L276/31) - EC regulation 1056/2011. (cf. Related Measures)