Inception date: 18 Jan 2011 | Removal date: 27 Jan 2013

Import tariff

On 18 January 2011 the European Commission announced additional import duties for white sugar, raw sugar and certain syrups (33/2011), updated on 29 January 2011 (70/2011). (For exact changes see source).
The trend of increasing import duties went on in the following months with the decision of 1 October 2011 (EU 971/2011) , 8 September 2012 (805/2012) and found its point of culmination on 21 September 2012 (860/2012).
The measure from 1 October 2012 finally marked a reverse in the trend (892/2012). Nevertheless, the import tariffs are still higher then during the (quasi) suspension in January 2011 (70/2011).
The original regulations concerning the EU sugar markets were published on 30 June 2006. (See sources)

On 27 January 2013, the European Union repealed Implementing Regulation (EU) No 892/2012. Additionally, the additional import duty regime imposed by Regulation (EC) No 951/2006 is temporarily suspended, see related state act.