In May 2009, the government of Saudi Arabia announced an alteration to its export prohibitions.



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Attempts to verify this information from written governmental sources proved impossible; readers are encouraged to bear this is mind. An extensive newspaper account of this case can be found at Another subsequent newspaper article that suggests the above matters, amongst others, are receiving ministerial attention can be found at,%20Saudi%20Arabia%20discus%20obstacles%20of%20commercial%20exchange

Inception date: 10 May 2009 | Removal date: open ended

Import ban

On May 9 2009, Saudi authorities declined entry to 1200 trucks carrying agricultural products from Yemen on the grounds of poor packaging and other regulating standards. An Yemeni official is reported as stating the following. "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presents a great barrier to exporting Yemeni products via truck," said Secretary General of Yemen Supreme Export Council Noman M. Al-Mulsi. "If we want to export to Syria, Jordan, Lebanon or the gulf countries, we have only the Saudi Attiwal outlet where authorities impose tough security and inspection measures against Yemeni exports," said Al-Musli. Agriculutral products said to be involved are mangos, bananas, and onions.
Other press reports suggest that earlier in 2009 Yemen had prevented imports of potatoes from Saudi Arabia, which the former argued were being transhipped through the latter. This point is raised if only to alert readers to a possible sequence of measures taken by the governments concerned.